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What are Curiosity Clubs?


At the Curiosity Lab, we provide spaces for students to engage in curiosity-based learning through 

camps and other activities. As part of Curiosity Clubs, students will get an opportunity to be part of the Curiosity Network, which promotes critical, reflective, and logical thinking, empathy, and creativity. Our club empowers the members to experience the fun and excitement of learning and creating. We also promote leadership skills, teamwork, and innovative thinking through club activities.

Why start a Curiosity Club at your school?



Access to IIT-GN events: 

Curiosity lab members have the opportunity to attend online talks and events hosted by IIT-GN. The talks cover a range of topics from eminent speakers from institutes and universities worldwide, such as Stanford, Harvard, IISc, ISRO, etc. 


Certification for leadership: 

The students leading the clubs would receive a certificate from the Curiosity Lab to acknowledge their work in conducting activities at curiosity clubs. 

Workshops and talks:

Curiosity Lab hosts multiple talks and workshops for which club members will be provided with early access and/or free access if paid registration is required. The workshops aim to introduce students to novel topics and encourage fun in learning. 

Curiosity Kiosk: 

Curiosity Kiosks are a space for students to explore the world around them through toys and other digital mediums. IITGN will give schools access to toys that encourage problem-solving and creative learning. 


Curiosity Club awards: 

The clubs that show a substantial interest in pursuing larger-scale projects can apply for Curiosity Club awards that offer the club monetary benefits to pursue their projects. 


Mentoring for club members: 

IIT Gandhinagar offers multiple undergraduate and graduate courses. It encourages interdisciplinarity through its centers where people from all disciplines, from liberal arts to core sciences, come together to answer pertinent questions. The club members get mentored by students and professors at IIT-GN to support and pursue their interests.


Publishing in Curiosity Press: 

Articles from journal writings or creations of students that are part of the club will be featured in an online journal run by the curiosity lab. Club members can publish their articles and creative work while providing assistance with editing and reviewing.

How to start a Curiosity Club?


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Interested students/faculty meet informally to discuss the vision and mission of the club.

Contact Curiosity Lab to get assistance in the initial brainstorming and creation of the club.

Identify a Student Club Lead and Faculty Mentor 

Getting approval from the principal/director to start the club in the school.

Create publicity collaterals to attract students and other teachers. If required, Curiosity Lab will extend its help.

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