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Curiosity Clubs

Curiosity Club, an initiative of Curiosity Lab, IIT Gandhinagar, enhances curiosity in school children and makes them reflective learners.  At Curiosity Lab, we intend to facilitate notions of critical, reflective, and logical thinking, empathy, and creativity among school children through initiatives such as Curiosity Clubs. 

Curiosity Camps

Curiosity Camps at IITGN offer a creative and exciting arena for exploration, collaboration, and learning. The camps present children with the opportunity to discover the fun of exploring a new domain of knowledge and build a community while reimagining the known. We believe that school children, parents, and teachers can bring large-scale social change within the community if empowered to be curious, creative, and entrepreneurial. Curiosity Lab makes this possible by introducing novel perspectives that encourage out-of-the-box thinking through collaboration with scholars at the Curiosity Camps.

Join us in this fun and exciting arena for exploration, collaboration, creation, and learning!

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