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Office Work

The Harvard Business Review looks at curiosity as a tool to improve business outcomes, improve professional relationships and increase drive for innovation. 


The Limbic Reward System lights up when curiosity is piqued. How does a sunset work? We love to look at one, but Jolanda Blackwell wanted her eighth-graders to really think about it, to wonder and question. So Blackwell, who teaches science at Oliver Wendell Holmes Junior High in Davis...


ROCKFORD, Ill. (WIFR) — An exhibit at the Discovery Center is allowing kids to learn and explore with the help of a very curious monkey. The exhibit allows children to explore the neighborhood of Curious George. The games and props are based off the popular books and TV series...


Curiosity is a familiar feeling among people. But as soon as we scrutinize that feeling, curiosity reveals itself to be a complex emotion indeed. Just ask yourself: Is curiosity a positive feeling or a negative feeling? Is it more like frustration or more like anticipation? Is it a painful...

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