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Past Events

IITGN Dakshana Leadership Program

Duration: 1 - 30 September, 2022

The IITGN-Dakshana Leadership Program was a 4-week residential program to develop leadership skills for socially disadvantaged students from the Dakshana Foundation. The diverse program was structured with academic and extracurricular activities to encourage holistic learning. The participants were part of workshops that focused on developing leadership, critical thinking, and effective communication skills.


Ruyantan Mehta, President of IIT Gandhinagar Foundation, California, supported this program. IIT Gandhinagar organized it in collaboration with the Dakshana foundation.  Overall, the holistic nature of the IITGN-Dakshana Leadership Program enabled the students to engage with experts, learn new skills, develop interpersonal relationships, and also have a wholesome IITGN campus experience. 


Science Awareness Week

Duration: 18 - 25 Feburary 2022

IITGN commenced a week-long Science Awareness Programme on its campus today for school students of classes 11th and 12th (Science stream). More than 800 school students and teachers from the Ahmedabad/Gandhinagar region participated in the Science Awareness Week activities. The Curiosity Lab introduced students to Eye Tracking devices and muscle spiking devices. 



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