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Submission guidelines

Abstract submission guidelines


Please provide a brief introduction highlighting the importance and relevance of your research. Clearly state the objectives, describe the methods used to investigate the research question, summarize the main findings, and summarize the main conclusions drawn from the research. Include 3 - 5 keywords and author information in the abstract submission. The abstract should not exceed more than 300 words. 


Please ensure that the abstract is concise, informative, and well-structured. The acceptance will be based on the content's quality, relevance, and clarity. If accepted, the authors must prepare a poster presentation that effectively communicates their research to the audience.

Poster submission guidelines


Poster submission: For research projects 

  • Title: The poster presentation should have a clear and concise title that accurately reflects the content of the research.

  • Abstract: The abstract should summarize the research, including the research question, methodology, results, and conclusion. Ensure the abstract is concise, informative, and does not exceed the word limit.

  • Author Information: Include the names, affiliations, and contact information of all authors contributing to the poster.

  • Poster Size and Format: The poster should be of A1 size (59.5 x 84.1 cm). Ensure the poster is visually appealing and contains clear and legible text. Use appropriate graphics, charts, and images to enhance the poster.

  • Content: The poster should have clear sections that include the introduction, methodology, results, conclusion, and references. Please use appropriate fonts and font sizes, and organize the content in an easy-to-read manner.

  • Submission Deadline: Please submit your poster presentation before the deadline specified by the conference organizers.

Important dates

Abstract submission is now closed.

Selected abstracts notified by: 17 July 2023
Submission of the full poster: 20 July 2023

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